Literary snippets and their links to reinforcement learning

Posted on Apr 9, 2023

Some book quotes that strongly got my attention when I read the related passages, with minimal RL analysis.

  1. “The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race…” , Unabomber manifesto – the whole book praises universal value functions and model free RL (vs model based stuff).
  2. “We see through the mirror, darkly”, Paul in Corinthians I, 13 – the quote is followed by a passage that discusses that at some point we will stop just receiving observations and the real world state will be revealed to us.
  3. “Man makes his world, or is crushed by the world made by others”, quoted in Mage 2nd edition core rulebook, originally by Denning & Phillips, the foundations of high magick – which points to the importance of mental representations on reward and the zero-sum games they create.
  4. “All But War Is Simulation”, STRICOM logo – interesting take on adversarial RL.