Posted on Jul 13, 2022

The market, as an abstraction of how we should live our lives, has emerged so victorious that even the thought of minor governmental interventions sounds the alarms of heresy. There is one arrow of time, and that is one of more liberalism, i.e. more market as the solution to everything, no other thoughts needed. Yet the tide is turning, and has been turning for a number of years, but without much in the process of actual results. You can find anti-market rhetoric coming from everywhere in the political spectrum (see here, but no real intervention gets in motion. We see the “market” investing more and more on absurd products (insta-remote-shopping (?!)), while neglecting anything of value, but forces-that-be accept it as part of the natural order of things (kind of like gravity), nothing can be done about it.

I wonder if there is some kind of tipping point where everyone would start going pro-planning, though I doubt it. Seems to me the state will keep withdrawing from public life, with not-so-unexpected results.