Newton's prophecies

Posted on Jul 22, 2022

Newton is well known for his alchemical and theological writings. There is a table in, a biography of Newton which I read almost 20 years ago, which summarises Neuton’s prophecies. They were apparently derived from a close reading of the Bible, and not by any form of revelation. It’s not clear to me how he came up with these dates, or if the table has any validity at all. Another set of dates is reported here:, with the Kingdom of God arriving at 2060 – not sure how this fits with the dates in the table below nor do I get why and how the prophecies of Daniel play up with Revelations.

2436AD - endSecond resurrection, Last Judgement, leading to the end of the Christian era
2370-2436ADCleansing of the Sanctuary - beginning of 1,000 years of peace
1948ADSecond coming of Christ
1944ADEnd of the great tribulation of the Jews
1899ADCall to return to Jerusalem
609-800ADPeriod during which Roman Catholic Church (the “Whore of Babylon”) was at its peak
70ADTransgression of desolation of Jerusalem
34ADDeath of Christ
2BCBirth of Christ
456-500BCThe Jews return to Jerusalem