More failed prophecies

Posted on Aug 6, 2022

It’s astonishing how many failed prophecies we had since the 90s. Transhumanism and Crypto are two prominent examples, but the likes of AI are not far away.

The post-soviet world is struggling to find meaning, create goals or generally go anywhere. The collective west has been living on lies for 2K years now, as Paul’s cosmic transformation is still not here, but somehow we keep going. We subside on a steady diet of propaganda, lies and half truths, fed to us by everyone who has any media access.

Someone like Neil Postman would probably think that this is an outgrowth of how media functions – quoting from “Amusing Ourselves to Death”:

In 1966, Ronald Reagan used a different metaphor. “Politics,” he said, “is just like show business.” Although sports has now become a major branch of show business,

American businessmen discovered, long before the rest of us, that the quality and usefulness of their goods are subordinate to the artifice of their display

I am not so sure – using a silicon valley analogy, the power of lies has just been democratised to the extreme, and is propagated through meaningless catchphrases.

PS. I found this gem flowing around – – apparently everything is communism now.