Financially broke elites and moral superiority

Posted on Mar 5, 2023

Combing through right-wing forums (yes, 4chans and youtubes), one can find a very strange take, where there is a claim that apparently modern liberal elites are penniless, but that does not somehow stop them from being elite! Young university graduates, most of whom have to work in some of the most meaningless and boring jobs known to man in a depressing corporate department, and who will never be able to afford a mortgage, are the actual decision makers of this world. Apparently their basic worldview is a form of “ultra-progressivism”, a self-hating anomaly that wants to change the morals of western societies (akin to how early Christians took over Rome). The argument as to how university graduates can even be perceived as elite (not as a semi-homeless, over-debted, lied-to underclass) is one drawn from moral superiority and culture. They eat somewhat different foods than the generation before them and make anti-imperial claims (that are never related to what is going on now, but some event that took place 100 years ago).

I find the argument bizarre both ways. I obviously do not understand how a nomad vloging web-designer is anything else but the proletariat, but I also do not get how they could perceive themselves as elite. Within a historical context, however, it echoes similar arguments made by about who wrote the gospels. An elite that is extremely well educated, but starving for meaning and earthly pleasures, self-reflects and declares its own incapacity to act as virtuous.

A better proposition might have been what the “trapped elite” should attempt to reconfigure the world to, so as to achieve the good life (i.e. sex, drugs and rock’n’roll :P – or not (?!)) for everyone.