Losing your ethical core

Posted on Dec 27, 2022

Going back to Against the Protestant Gnostics, I can’t stop thinking that the collapse of mainline US Christianity takes place more or less at the same time as soviet collapse (late 80s). Quoting Zhivkov, the last Bulgarian communist leader: “In my memoirs I am smashing the whole of Marxist theory. Marxism is mere nonsense and I am the first one to say that it is completely wrong”. Both socialism and progressive liberalism lost their moral core, they became empty husks and mechanisms for people to accumulate power. The parallels here might be quite strong and point to a failure by adherents of semisecularized postmillennialism to maintain belief; the Kingdom of God is no longer to progressively come through a constant improvement of living standards (or anything else). Both progressive liberals and ex-soviets stopped believing in anything and started directly worshipping capital, a form of demiurgic worship – archons and all. Something will have to fill the gap left behind by the collapse of the dominant modern narrative, and it’s still not clear what that would be or when it will come.